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New Moon December 2014

This month’s New Moon occurs on December 21, 2014, at 6:36pm Mountain Standard Time. The remarkable thing about this New Moon is that it occurs just hours after the Winter Solstice (4:03pm MST) and Uranus turning direct (3:45pm). So what does that mean? First of all, the New Moon is in Capricorn. Work and duty are emphasized at this time. It is also a time of contraction; a time of going within. This works very well with the energy of the Winter Solstice, the time of the longest night. The Solstice is a good time to step out of the holiday frenzy and take a moment or two to meditate, breathe, get out in Nature (when feasible) and reconnect with ourselves. It’s amazing what even a short respite can do for our souls! We can then get back to celebrating the return of the Sun, as the days begin to grow longer again. Uranus turning direct at this same time may actually assist with our going within, as electronics have been acting wonky enough, up until this point, for us to want to turn the darn things off. Uranus turning direct can also bring unexpected delays or surprising events, especially as he is still sparring with Pluto. Again, let me state that we may continue to see the same issues come up now that came up the last time these two planets were intimate – the 1960s. On a positive note, Uranus’ energy gives a real boost to everything in the skies at this time. Right along with the Sun and the Moon, Mercury, Pluto, and Venus – that’s five planets – are all relatively close together in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the teacher and taskmaster, so even though it may be The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, there may be times where it doesn’t feel so jolly. The intensity and gravity of so much Saturnian energy can feel depressing. However, Capricorn is an earth sign, which can help us ground. Saturn is also about boundaries – including boundaries to protect against harshness and negativity. Uranus can bring us flashes of insight and humor. So despite the intensity, this New Moon/Solstice time can be an absolutely magical time! We can set new, inspired, innovative (Uranus) goals and intentions (Saturn/Capricorn) for the New (New Moon, Winter Solstice) Year!
Elsewhere in the skies Saturn enters Sagittarius for the first time on the 23rd, where it will be until December of 2017, with a brief pass back into Scorpio from June to September 2015. Saturn in Sagittarius focuses, among other things, on truth and spiritual matters; the deep fears and issues that have been dredged up during the last two years will now be brought into the light for healing. On the 24th, Mercury has a confrontation first with Uranus and then with Pluto; this can cause sudden communication of brutal honesty, if you are celebrating, keep this in mind. And please drive carefully! Mars faces off with Jupiter on January 1st, which can bring about philosophical and political arguments, but can also inspire great enthusiasm for new ways of living – the perfect combination to set physical and spiritual goals into action for the New Year! On January 3rd, the Sun confronts Uranus and Pluto, giving us the urge to break free of the old and transform into the new, supporting the Mars-Jupiter energies from the 1st. So let us move into 2015 with joy and promise, knowing that the difficulties and intense energies are all ultimately working toward bringing us our greater good. Happy Holidays!

By Jill K.


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