The Eight of Wands

Hi all! I’m thrilled to be taking part in the very first International Tarot Day Blog Hop! I trust you enjoyed Debbie’s blog post on the Six of Wands.  Debbie Price, Cards and Cups:

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The next card is the Eight of Wands.  Enjoy!

The Eight of Wands is a card of movement.  Astrologically it represents the fast-moving planet Mercury in the expansive sign of Sagittarius. The picture on this card from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck shows eight wands flying through the air as if on their own- no specific origin or end point is visible. This describes the energy of the card: “what-the-what out of nowhere, where the heck are we going at such breakneck speed?”.

The card transitions from the delay-ridden conflicts of the Seven to the rest-and-ready stance of the Nine.

This card in a reading can mean that you are or will be VERY busy!  It can also indicate an influx of inspired ideas.  Motivation is high and projects are energized. Things move at a frenetic pace!  This could also be a good time to expand one’s knowledge through study or travel. It can also show scattered thoughts and energies from attempting to do too many things at once, so asking for help or collaborating with others to get it all done may be in order here.

I had a good laugh when I was assigned this card, because it so perfectly described my life at the moment (and things are still pretty busy)!  I’ve been Mom-ing the teen around, nurturing two careers (one of which is gong through a merger), taking and teaching classes, volunteering, attending Toastmasters and attempting to keep myself fit, among various and sundry other things that life presents us with. And yes, balls do get dropped, but then I learn and move on.  Phew!  Getting to be time for a break…

In conclusion, the Eight of Wands is not for the faint! It *can* be its own reward, though, as the lessons learned are invaluable.  We’ve got this!

I hope you all have been enjoying this very first International Tarot Day blog hop! Please visit Ronda Snow’s Tarotbytes for the next card in the sequence – the Nine of Wands. Thank you for reading!

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Full Moon June 2016

This month’s Full Moon occurs on June 20th at 5:02am Mountain Daylight Time. It is again in the sign of Sagittarius, as it was last month.  This gives extra significance to Sagittarian themes such as ideals, truths, expansion, and independence. As it happens this year, the Summer Solstice occurs later in the afternoon on the same day at 4:34 pm MDT.   Here we have an exciting and powerful phenomenon –the Sun at his fullest point and the Moon at her fullest point (in their respective cycles) meeting on the same day, potentially illuminating the skies in varying shades of light for a full 24 hours! This illumination can be thought of as both the masculine and the feminine working together to shed light on the world. A lot of darkness is being brought to the surface and exposed right now – exposed to the light so it can heal. Feeding into this,   Mercury’s run-in with both Saturn and Neptune on this same day can bring up doubts and fears, but Venus in Cancer near the Sun can soothe us with her nurturing. So this Full Moon, go outside and watch the Sun set as the Moon rises and marvel at the incredible cosmic dance.


Elsewhere in the skies we have Mercury conflicting with Jupiter on the 22nd; communications may be just so much hot air.  The 26th brings Jupiter to an agreeable meeting with Pluto; this can inspire ambitious transformational changes or just bring about selfish political aims.  Mercury connects with Uranus the same day; flashes of inspired thought may surface. On the 27th Venus relaxes with Neptune, giving the day a dreamy quality – a good day for art and indulgence. Mercury moves into Cancer on the 29th, along with Mars *finally* moving direct!  Things should flow a bit easier now, and things that may have stalled out since he went retrograde in April may begin to move forward again.  The 30th brings Venus into opposition with Pluto; this may cause friction in relationships by uncovering hidden jealousies, or it may be a springboard for clearing the air if there are issues that need dealing with. We start July with Venus having coffee with Jupiter – relationships feel good (especially after the air clearing done the day before), finances feel good; a pleasant day all around. July 3rd the Sun and Neptune are in favor; this may heighten psychic or spiritual understandings and bring a tendency to idealize and romanticize.  Enjoy the holiday weekend (US)!

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New Moon June 2016


This month’s New Moon occurs on June 4, 2016 at 9:00pm Mountain Daylight Time.  The Moon is in talkative, adaptable, energetic Gemini, enhancing our idea creation and jump starting our problem solving.  This month’s chart is very active; we have what is referred to as a “Grand Cross” going on – a dynamic relationship between at least four planets.   While it is not exact, it can still exert an influence that will last the majority of the month. The New Moon is involved, along with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.    What this means is that for the next couple of days at least things may be busy! It may be a case of spinning wheels, though, as moving forward with anything is an effort with Mars still in retrograde motion. It’s a good time for socializing, indulgences (within reason), watching movies, and doing the legwork for dreams and goals.  Keeping a sense of humor also helps.

Elsewhere in the skies on the 6th, the Sun and Venus meet up for coffee, keeping the vibe positive for another day or so.  On the 9th Mercury passes Mars on the other side of the sky; use caution in the car and watch your urge to use aggressive language; it might backfire.  Venus mixes with Uranus on the 12th, along with Mercury sliding into its home sign of Gemini – a good day for an impromptu social gathering, or inspired creative writing.  On the 13th Neptune turns retrograde until November 19th, giving us a chance to view our creativity and dreams from a more self-compassionate viewpoint.  The next day the Sun and Uranus bring in a refreshing change from everyday routine; we may learn or experience something new.  Venus moves into intuitive Cancer on the 17th, opening up the space for new partnerships and creative endeavors. The same day Saturn and Neptune run into conflict, confusing the heck out of things. This is a prime time to downsize, clean, clear and simplify to help lift spirits and gain back footing. This brings us to the Full Moon – the second or “Blue” Moon in Sagittarius on the 20th – more to come. Enjoy the ride!


By Jill Pitts, TheAstroDancer






Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2016


This year our second Mercury Retrograde begins on April 28th.  It is in the sensual sign of Taurus, and will end on May 22nd.  It is a time where communications go awry, technology seems to not want to cooperate, and confusion and delay take the forefront.  Old friends, colleagues, and others from the past may also show up.  This is especially true while Mercury is in Taurus.  Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, ruler of relationships.  Unfinished relationship business may come to the fore.

Venus also rules money, and Taurus is about value, so there may be some budget issues if we are not careful.

Mercury Retrograde is not a time to panic.   If it starts to feel challenging, work with it – it is possible!  It is always a good time to slow down and take extra care, and practice patience most of all.  Re-do things.  Get in touch with that friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Here’s a Mercury Retrograde story from a previous retrograde that I’d like to share.  Mercury is also known as a trickster, so keep that in mind:

I had planned on taking a nice bath with candles, scents, etc.  I knew the tub needed cleaning, all good, so I reached for the cleaner – not there.  It’s *always* in its normal spot, except now.  I went to the closet to fetch a new bottle, and on the way – squish.  Hairball.  Oy.  So I had to limp around to the nearest paper towel to clean it off.  Said paper towels are *always* in the same spot – not today. I went to other closet (keeping the part of the foot with the residue off of the floor) and retrieved a new roll.  I cleaned up the messes, went back to the tub – oops, I forgot the tub cleaner, which I was looking for in the first place…

And so it goes.

Mercury is joining Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in retrograde motion.  With this many planets going backwards it is not a favorable time to start new ventures, if possible.  It is, however, a good time to do research, planning, brainstorming, and reconnecting.  And, as with all transits, this too shall pass.




Full Moon February 2016

This month’s Full Moon occurs on February 22, 2016, at 11:20am Mountain Standard Time. The Moon is in industrious, discerning Virgo, and with the unusually warm weather in this neck of the world, the urge to begin spring cleaning is strong. This Moon is an excellent time to clear out the old; to let go of outdated attitudes, ideas, and things that no longer serve us. The intensity around and about this Moon is palpable. First, the Sun in Pisces is loosely joined by Neptune. They become as one on the 28th, and the buildup can bring on self-deception, escapism, and martyr-victim syndrome, or enhanced psychic vision and spiritual pride. Their meeting on the 28th is actually the perfect aspect for the Oscars that night– Reward (Sun) for work in Movies (Neptune)! Also with this Moon we have Chiron karmically facing off with Jupiter; everyone’s old wounds seem to be opening up for one huge clean-and-clear so we may get on with life feeling lighter and freer. In this mix is Saturn, challenging us to “keep it real”; and anchoring us toward practical, grounded solutions. He’s also influencing the radical change that Uranus and Pluto have been up to; fears around this change are now being entertained.

Elsewhere in the skies we have Mercury meeting Saturn on the 25th; this may show up as negativity in communications, or we can use it for planning and focus. The 26th Mercury moves on to interact with Uranus, flashes of insight and understanding from the previous day’s planning is possible. Technology may be involved, and be careful on the roads as people may be distracted. On the 28th the Sun joins Neptune – as I mentioned earlier- watching movies, creating art, or playing music are great ways to use this energy. The next day – Leap Day – Venus meets up with Saturn; time and money issues and long term commitments may come to the fore. However, tables may turn two days later on March 2nd when Venus meets up with Uranus, and conventionality gets pushed aside. Watch the impulse shopping. Mercury comes into conflict with Mars on the 4th (ironically referred to as “Command Day” – March 4th), watch for competitive driving and cut-to-the-chase communication (just the facts, please!). On the 5th Mercury moves into Pisces, softening communications but also perhaps thinking – the person who wanted to argue yesterday truly has no idea why they were so bothered. Also this day Mars moves into Sagittarius; it’s time to get outdoors! The spirit of adventure is rekindled – but so is the spirit of the crusader. The Sun conflicts with Saturn today as well, putting a focus on self-discipline. It might be a good day to get serious about that outdoor training program. The 6th brings the Sun into contact with Pluto. This is a good day for transforming something in your life; it may also be a “sh*t hits the fan” kind of day. This leads us into the New Moon, which is the first Solar Eclipse for the year.

Until the New,

New Moon February 2016

This month’s New Moon occurs on February 8, 2016, at 7:39 am Mountain Standard Time. The Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of the revolutionary humanitarian. The New Moon is generally a favorable time for new beginnings or putting things in motion; however, this Moon is being challenged by Mars and, to a lesser degree, Uranus. What this boils down to is this: begin if you must, energy will be there, but watch for resistance and/or surprises that you may not have anticipated. Also during this time old issues may be up for healing, so if the day feels like “OMG, I thought I dealt with that a long time ago!” acknowledge the issue, honor it, and let it go. Communications and power plays within groups may come to the fore, bringing with it unexpected challenges and limitations. These can, with hard work and due diligence, be overcome.
Elsewhere in the skies – on the 10th we have Venus playing nice with Jupiter. It’s quite easy to overspend and splurge at this time; please use caution. The 13th brings Mars into an alliance with Jupiter; tempers may flare, but things get done. Also a good day for action – especially intellectual- as Mercury moves into Aquarius, lightening things up a bit and giving us a look at the bigger picture. On the 16th Venus follows Mercury into Aquarius, which can lighten up our outlook on relationships as well as money issues. On the 18th the Sun moves into watery Pisces, encouraging us to go with the flow and up the creative ante.
Until the Full,

TP Blog Hop: Using Tarot for Improving Relationships


So, folks, confession time.  I had a much more difficult time with this blog post than I anticipated. I’m not sure why, but I went with the blockage.  This is the result.

Relationships are central to what keeps us happy and healthy, yet because most take work, they can also be a source of stress. Tarot is a wonderful tool to help gain clarity with relationships.  Its symbolic nature can spur our minds into gaining new perspectives and seeing new possibilities. Sometimes the message of just one card can change a perception or a thought  – and that is powerful indeed! Often, though, it’s a series of cards  telling a story together that is most helpful.

A while ago I came up with a Relationship Spread based on the 3 card Past-Present-Future spread to help tell the stories.  It’s simple but effective, and more cards can be drawn if further clarity is needed. The positioning is:

1) Basis of Relationship

2) Where We Are Now

3) Where it’s Headed (if nothing changes)

Before the question is presented, I ask that the question be from the Seeker’s point of view for better results.  The cards are then read. Most often answers are revealed and messages received! This leads to hopeful and productive new ways of looking at relationships.

Thanks for reading, and Tarot on!

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Full Moon January 2016

This month’s Full Moon occurs on January 23, 2016 at 6:46pm Mountain Standard Time. The Moon is in fiery, regal, sunny Leo, bringing with it the hope of new light and life through the quiet of winter. Inspiration for creative projects is running high, and with Venus just moving into Capricorn earlier in the day the energy is there for manifestation. Things will get going again on the 25th when Mercury goes direct. Phew!
Elsewhere in the skies Mercury is dancing around Pluto through the 29th – watch for truths revealed, media control issues and snarky attitudes. Sudden revelations and insights may show up on the 31st when Mercury comes into conflict with Uranus. February 3rd brings Mars into an uneasy truce with Pluto; the same day, the Sun does the same with Saturn. There may be political fallout; candidates may drop out of the race. Personally we may find focus, but it could feel like “one of those days”. Friday the 5th Venus runs into Pluto – Money, love and power may stir the pot, so if you indulge, watch your back. The 6th may bring breakups and sudden breakthroughs with both the Sun and Venus interacting with Uranus; communications may be overblown with Mercury in harmony with Jupiter. Detachment is a good idea for this day. Sunday the 7th both the Sun and Venus have dealings with Mars; angry feelings can be channeled into physical exercise or shouting at the TV during the Superbowl.
Until the New!

TP Blog Hop – A New Deck!


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I always enjoy getting a new Tarot Deck!  Whether it’s brand new or new to me,  there’s a few things I like to do before diving into readings. The following is a quick summary of those things….

The first is to just admire the box or packaging for a moment before carefully opening it all up, taking out the cards and any LWB (Little White Book) or information cards.

The next is to tap the deck three times with the intention to clear out any unfriendly energies. I’ll also visualize white light flowing through and around the cards.

The third is to put the cards in order and count them (secondhand decks especially).  I really enjoy doing this, so I take my time, poring over the artwork and gathering first impressions.

Next, I shuffle the cards thoroughly and pull a card to get…

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TP Blog Hop – A New Deck!

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I always enjoy getting a new Tarot Deck!  Whether it’s brand new or new to me,  there’s a few things I like to do before diving into readings. The following is a quick summary of those things….

The first is to just admire the box or packaging for a moment before carefully opening it all up, taking out the cards and any LWB (Little White Book) or information cards.

The next is to tap the deck three times with the intention to clear out any unfriendly energies. I’ll also visualize white light flowing through and around the cards.

The third is to put the cards in order and count them (secondhand decks especially).  I really enjoy doing this, so I take my time, poring over the artwork and gathering first impressions.

Next, I shuffle the cards thoroughly and pull a card to get an overview of how working with the deck will be.  If I feel inclined, I’ll go ahead and do a quick spread.

The final step is to charge the deck.  Depending on the deck and how I feel with it, I’ll charge it with crystals, with sunlight, or with moonlight.

So there you have it! Thank you for reading! Please check out the other blogs in this Blog Hop -the links are above and below – and Happy Taroting!

By Jill Pitts

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