Full Moon January 2016

This month’s Full Moon occurs on January 23, 2016 at 6:46pm Mountain Standard Time. The Moon is in fiery, regal, sunny Leo, bringing with it the hope of new light and life through the quiet of winter. Inspiration for creative projects is running high, and with Venus just moving into Capricorn earlier in the day the energy is there for manifestation. Things will get going again on the 25th when Mercury goes direct. Phew!
Elsewhere in the skies Mercury is dancing around Pluto through the 29th – watch for truths revealed, media control issues and snarky attitudes. Sudden revelations and insights may show up on the 31st when Mercury comes into conflict with Uranus. February 3rd brings Mars into an uneasy truce with Pluto; the same day, the Sun does the same with Saturn. There may be political fallout; candidates may drop out of the race. Personally we may find focus, but it could feel like “one of those days”. Friday the 5th Venus runs into Pluto – Money, love and power may stir the pot, so if you indulge, watch your back. The 6th may bring breakups and sudden breakthroughs with both the Sun and Venus interacting with Uranus; communications may be overblown with Mercury in harmony with Jupiter. Detachment is a good idea for this day. Sunday the 7th both the Sun and Venus have dealings with Mars; angry feelings can be channeled into physical exercise or shouting at the TV during the Superbowl.
Until the New!


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