TP Blog Hop: Using Tarot for Improving Relationships


So, folks, confession time.  I had a much more difficult time with this blog post than I anticipated. I’m not sure why, but I went with the blockage.  This is the result.

Relationships are central to what keeps us happy and healthy, yet because most take work, they can also be a source of stress. Tarot is a wonderful tool to help gain clarity with relationships.  Its symbolic nature can spur our minds into gaining new perspectives and seeing new possibilities. Sometimes the message of just one card can change a perception or a thought  – and that is powerful indeed! Often, though, it’s a series of cards  telling a story together that is most helpful.

A while ago I came up with a Relationship Spread based on the 3 card Past-Present-Future spread to help tell the stories.  It’s simple but effective, and more cards can be drawn if further clarity is needed. The positioning is:

1) Basis of Relationship

2) Where We Are Now

3) Where it’s Headed (if nothing changes)

Before the question is presented, I ask that the question be from the Seeker’s point of view for better results.  The cards are then read. Most often answers are revealed and messages received! This leads to hopeful and productive new ways of looking at relationships.

Thanks for reading, and Tarot on!

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