Full Moon June 2016

This month’s Full Moon occurs on June 20th at 5:02am Mountain Daylight Time. It is again in the sign of Sagittarius, as it was last month.  This gives extra significance to Sagittarian themes such as ideals, truths, expansion, and independence. As it happens this year, the Summer Solstice occurs later in the afternoon on the same day at 4:34 pm MDT.   Here we have an exciting and powerful phenomenon –the Sun at his fullest point and the Moon at her fullest point (in their respective cycles) meeting on the same day, potentially illuminating the skies in varying shades of light for a full 24 hours! This illumination can be thought of as both the masculine and the feminine working together to shed light on the world. A lot of darkness is being brought to the surface and exposed right now – exposed to the light so it can heal. Feeding into this,   Mercury’s run-in with both Saturn and Neptune on this same day can bring up doubts and fears, but Venus in Cancer near the Sun can soothe us with her nurturing. So this Full Moon, go outside and watch the Sun set as the Moon rises and marvel at the incredible cosmic dance.


Elsewhere in the skies we have Mercury conflicting with Jupiter on the 22nd; communications may be just so much hot air.  The 26th brings Jupiter to an agreeable meeting with Pluto; this can inspire ambitious transformational changes or just bring about selfish political aims.  Mercury connects with Uranus the same day; flashes of inspired thought may surface. On the 27th Venus relaxes with Neptune, giving the day a dreamy quality – a good day for art and indulgence. Mercury moves into Cancer on the 29th, along with Mars *finally* moving direct!  Things should flow a bit easier now, and things that may have stalled out since he went retrograde in April may begin to move forward again.  The 30th brings Venus into opposition with Pluto; this may cause friction in relationships by uncovering hidden jealousies, or it may be a springboard for clearing the air if there are issues that need dealing with. We start July with Venus having coffee with Jupiter – relationships feel good (especially after the air clearing done the day before), finances feel good; a pleasant day all around. July 3rd the Sun and Neptune are in favor; this may heighten psychic or spiritual understandings and bring a tendency to idealize and romanticize.  Enjoy the holiday weekend (US)!

Until the New


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