New Moon June 2016


This month’s New Moon occurs on June 4, 2016 at 9:00pm Mountain Daylight Time.  The Moon is in talkative, adaptable, energetic Gemini, enhancing our idea creation and jump starting our problem solving.  This month’s chart is very active; we have what is referred to as a “Grand Cross” going on – a dynamic relationship between at least four planets.   While it is not exact, it can still exert an influence that will last the majority of the month. The New Moon is involved, along with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.    What this means is that for the next couple of days at least things may be busy! It may be a case of spinning wheels, though, as moving forward with anything is an effort with Mars still in retrograde motion. It’s a good time for socializing, indulgences (within reason), watching movies, and doing the legwork for dreams and goals.  Keeping a sense of humor also helps.

Elsewhere in the skies on the 6th, the Sun and Venus meet up for coffee, keeping the vibe positive for another day or so.  On the 9th Mercury passes Mars on the other side of the sky; use caution in the car and watch your urge to use aggressive language; it might backfire.  Venus mixes with Uranus on the 12th, along with Mercury sliding into its home sign of Gemini – a good day for an impromptu social gathering, or inspired creative writing.  On the 13th Neptune turns retrograde until November 19th, giving us a chance to view our creativity and dreams from a more self-compassionate viewpoint.  The next day the Sun and Uranus bring in a refreshing change from everyday routine; we may learn or experience something new.  Venus moves into intuitive Cancer on the 17th, opening up the space for new partnerships and creative endeavors. The same day Saturn and Neptune run into conflict, confusing the heck out of things. This is a prime time to downsize, clean, clear and simplify to help lift spirits and gain back footing. This brings us to the Full Moon – the second or “Blue” Moon in Sagittarius on the 20th – more to come. Enjoy the ride!


By Jill Pitts, TheAstroDancer







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