Full Moon February 2016

This month’s Full Moon occurs on February 22, 2016, at 11:20am Mountain Standard Time. The Moon is in industrious, discerning Virgo, and with the unusually warm weather in this neck of the world, the urge to begin spring cleaning is strong. This Moon is an excellent time to clear out the old; to let go of outdated attitudes, ideas, and things that no longer serve us. The intensity around and about this Moon is palpable. First, the Sun in Pisces is loosely joined by Neptune. They become as one on the 28th, and the buildup can bring on self-deception, escapism, and martyr-victim syndrome, or enhanced psychic vision and spiritual pride. Their meeting on the 28th is actually the perfect aspect for the Oscars that night– Reward (Sun) for work in Movies (Neptune)! Also with this Moon we have Chiron karmically facing off with Jupiter; everyone’s old wounds seem to be opening up for one huge clean-and-clear so we may get on with life feeling lighter and freer. In this mix is Saturn, challenging us to “keep it real”; and anchoring us toward practical, grounded solutions. He’s also influencing the radical change that Uranus and Pluto have been up to; fears around this change are now being entertained.

Elsewhere in the skies we have Mercury meeting Saturn on the 25th; this may show up as negativity in communications, or we can use it for planning and focus. The 26th Mercury moves on to interact with Uranus, flashes of insight and understanding from the previous day’s planning is possible. Technology may be involved, and be careful on the roads as people may be distracted. On the 28th the Sun joins Neptune – as I mentioned earlier- watching movies, creating art, or playing music are great ways to use this energy. The next day – Leap Day – Venus meets up with Saturn; time and money issues and long term commitments may come to the fore. However, tables may turn two days later on March 2nd when Venus meets up with Uranus, and conventionality gets pushed aside. Watch the impulse shopping. Mercury comes into conflict with Mars on the 4th (ironically referred to as “Command Day” – March 4th), watch for competitive driving and cut-to-the-chase communication (just the facts, please!). On the 5th Mercury moves into Pisces, softening communications but also perhaps thinking – the person who wanted to argue yesterday truly has no idea why they were so bothered. Also this day Mars moves into Sagittarius; it’s time to get outdoors! The spirit of adventure is rekindled – but so is the spirit of the crusader. The Sun conflicts with Saturn today as well, putting a focus on self-discipline. It might be a good day to get serious about that outdoor training program. The 6th brings the Sun into contact with Pluto. This is a good day for transforming something in your life; it may also be a “sh*t hits the fan” kind of day. This leads us into the New Moon, which is the first Solar Eclipse for the year.

Until the New,


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