New Moon February 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on February 18th at 4:47pm Mountain Standard Time. It occurs at the very last degree and minute of Aquarius; one minute later the Moon moves into Pisces and, three minutes later, the Sun does the same. This is like the last moment of “Ah!” before the “choo!” in a sneeze – the final moment before the release into the next sign. In this case, it’s a transition from the collective to the universal; the cerebral to the heartfelt. Aquarius is a sign of the mind; Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, is a sensitive water sign that operates from the heart and the soul. Due to the mutable, nebulous nature of this sign, we may find ourselves having vivid dreams, or may feel we want to escape, retreat, and rest. The rest may be short, however – over the next two days Mars, Venus, and then the Moon travel into firey Aries and join forces to jump start our yearnings for Spring! This is a potent time for in-the-moment pleasures and romance. We may grow increasingly restless as well; the New Moon falls right in the center of the Uranus/Pluto conflict, which is set for an exact match-up in the middle of March. Things will calm down as our three travelers each come into harmony with Saturn, who lends us his practicality and focus as the week progresses. This is a good thing, as the Sun meets up with idealistic Neptune during this time. Best uses would be meditation, yoga, forgiveness exercises, and planning to bring dreams into reality.
Elsewhere in the skies Mercury will be in harmony with Uranus and overstated with Jupiter on March 1st. This could make for some interesting and enlightening communication. Jupiter and Uranus will meet in harmony on March 3rd, magnifying the unexpected and perhaps even bumping up our vibrations; it might be difficult to sleep the night before and/or after. The next day Venus touches both of these planets and runs into conflict with Pluto. We may need to watch our spending; the urge to go-ahead-and-buy-it-who-cares might be strong. On the other hand this may give us the impetus to further our plans to bring our dreams into reality. Relationships may also shift and change suddenly, though not totally unexpectedly – Pluto is good at bringing up the dregs for transformation in a subtle way – so subtle sometimes that when we finally realize what is happening, we realize we are done with them.
Overall it is best to know we are in an extremely transformative time. We can be dragged along, or let go of what no longer serves us and see where life takes us. In this oceanic period until the Equinox it is best to set a course, be prepared to weather a storm or two, and trust we are going in the right direction.

By Jill K.


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