TP Blog Hop – A New Deck!

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I always enjoy getting a new Tarot Deck!  Whether it’s brand new or new to me,  there’s a few things I like to do before diving into readings. The following is a quick summary of those things….

The first is to just admire the box or packaging for a moment before carefully opening it all up, taking out the cards and any LWB (Little White Book) or information cards.

The next is to tap the deck three times with the intention to clear out any unfriendly energies. I’ll also visualize white light flowing through and around the cards.

The third is to put the cards in order and count them (secondhand decks especially).  I really enjoy doing this, so I take my time, poring over the artwork and gathering first impressions.

Next, I shuffle the cards thoroughly and pull a card to get an overview of how working with the deck will be.  If I feel inclined, I’ll go ahead and do a quick spread.

The final step is to charge the deck.  Depending on the deck and how I feel with it, I’ll charge it with crystals, with sunlight, or with moonlight.

So there you have it! Thank you for reading! Please check out the other blogs in this Blog Hop -the links are above and below – and Happy Taroting!

By Jill Pitts

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