Full Moon January 2015 by Jill K.

Full Moon January 2015

This month’s Full Moon occurs on January 4th at 9:53 pm Mountain Standard Time. The Moon is in her home sign of Cancer, highlighting home, security, creativity and intuition. This is a very dynamic Full Moon, however. The Moon here is being challenged and opposed by Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, respectively. These ongoing conflicts are continuing their work not only in breaking down and transforming that which no longer serves, but also bringing in new, and sometimes radical, changes that encourage us to grow, sometimes in directions we hadn’t considered. Pluto joining the Sun brings in the Sun’s energy, which puts an exclamation point on the already intense goings on. Also challenging this Full Moon are the lunar nodes. These are points in the sky that represent karma and the spiritual journey in our lives. The south lunar node represents where we are coming from, and the north node represents where we are growing into. This adds a layer of intensity and a feeling of “This is really BIG!” into the mix. Maybe because this really *is* big. It’s a chance for us to take a bold, trusting step into the unknown, much like The Fool in the Tarot. New year; new start. Trust your intuition!
Elsewhere in the skies, at the Full Moon Uranus is conjunct the south node, breaking down old, outworn patterns and ways of being, while Pluto is challenging the nodes to transform what is broken and bring fertile ground ready for new ideas. Mars moves into Pisces on the 12th, giving our actions a more compassionate, diffuse flavor. Mars moves on to bump with Saturn late on the 14th; there is potential for tension and discord. On the 19th Venus opposes Jupiter, giving the day a positivity infusion, and Mars joins up with Neptune, causing possible disillusionment, but also potential for creative, compassionate healing. Mercury will be getting ready to go retrograde on the 21st just after the New Moon on the 20th; it’s not unusual to notice some miscommunication a bit beforehand. All in all we have a powerful start to what promises to be a powerful year. Blessings!


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