New Moon January 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on January 20, 2015 at 6:13am Mountain Standard Time. The Moon is in Aquarius, the sign of the Water Bearer. Aquarius is an Air sign, however. The symbolism of the Water Bearer refers to the ability of this sign to contain, or carry, emotion (water) in order to make it work for them intellectually. This can lead to detachment from feelings, but not from passion or purpose. Aquarius is prone to brilliance; most inventors and/or geniuses have strong Aquarian influences. This Aquarius “Super” New Moon is again right at the beginning of the sign, telling us that new things are in store for us. With this Moon in particular we may get flashes of insight about a new project we want to begin, or a new way of living our lives. This New Moon is closer to the Earth, which can help magnify our intention-setting efforts. But wait – Mercury goes retrograde the day after the New Moon, January 21st. Not a good time for starting anything new; however, we can research and plan. Mercury is retrograde until February 11th; during this time we can expect the usual miscommunication. Technology in particular might be buggy this time around – we may wish to wait on purchasing any new technology (including smartphones) as it might not work as expected. On the plus side, the retrograde is a good time to do anything with a “re”: redecorate, rewrite, research, redo, replace, etc. It can also give us a chance to look at things with a new or different perspective. I have also found that if anything is lost during this retrograde, it is usually found again. And exercise patience – there are usually delays with everything during this period, so go with the flow.
Elsewhere in the skies we have, at the New Moon, Uranus with the South Node and Pluto squaring off with both nodes. This can indicate that the changes we are experiencing now have a karmic bend to them. The tendency for anything karmic to feel incredibly intense is definitely at work here. There is destruction along with power and control issues, yet transformation is occurring out of the ashes of negative events. A sense of “Is all this craziness really what we want? We think not. How can we understand? How can we make this better?” is growing. We need to balance the dark with the light; the yin with the yang.
Venus moves into Pisces on the 27th. This is a wonderful time to create! Beauty, spirituality, art, and romance are highlighted during this time; though watch for a tendency to daydream. It is also a good time to catch up on movies. Venus squares off with Saturn on the 30th, reminding us, sometimes the hard way, that good things take time, especially in regard to relationships. There may be a financial reality that reveals itself as well. Mars joins up with Chiron on the 31st, giving energy to the healing of old emotional wounds. This can aid in healing physical illnesses as well. Compassion for the self is a must at this time. Venus joins with Neptune on February 1st, making this an especially good day for art and romance. Practicality is out the window this day; meditation and yoga are a better option.
So let’s set some intentions, keep a sense of wonderment and humor through the darkness, exercise patience and move forward boldly in the moment as the days grow longer and the light continues to return!
By Jill K.


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