New Moon Eclipse March 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on March 20, 2015, at 3:36 am Mountain Daylight Time. It is a Total Solar Eclipse at the very last degree of Pisces, visible mostly in Northern Europe, the Arctic, and some of the Mid East. This comes on the heels of a rather wild week; with the final Pluto-Uranus exact square and a solar event that had the Northern Lights showing up here in Colorado! The Spring Equinox follows later that day at 4:45pm when the Sun moves into Aries.
New Moon energies are magnified with Eclipses. With the Moon in Pisces it is an excellent time to get in touch with Source – God, the Universe, whatever name you may call It/She/He – to feel the unity of all creation. We, individually, are as drops of rain, making our way to the ocean of connectedness. This time is also ripe for setting new intentions, particularly with the Equinox occurring only 13 hours later. This is the Aries Point – the first degree of the Zodiac – a powerful point in itself as it heralds the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and thus new beginnings. Eclipse energies can be in effect for six months afterward, so let’s let go of what’s not working, get in touch with Source, send out intention and spring forward!
Elsewhere in the skies we have Mercury in Pisces moving from Neptune to Chiron, bringing a spiritual slant to old wounds on the 24th. It’s a good day for enlightened discussion about healing those wounds. The 25th brings harmony between the Sun and Saturn; good for productivity and a sense of security. This may lead to overspending and overindulgence on the 27th when Venus and Jupiter run into each other at the corner (“Time for a treat! Or six!”) . Venus keeps on going, and relationships and finances get a charge from Pluto when Venus trysts with him on the 30th. Later that day Mercury goes into Aries, ramping up the fast talk. On the 31st Mars wanders into Taurus, so things may seem to slow a bit. On April 2nd Mercury waves hello to Saturn and the Sun waves to Jupiter – this can facilitate clear, forward thinking with vision and foresight. This leads us up to the next Full Moon Eclipse – Blood Moon #3 in this series of four- on April 4th.
Another note on Eclipses is that the time in between the eclipses can feel wonky and out-of-sorts; almost like *something* is retrograde, but you can’t put a finger on just what. It’s best to cultivate patience during this time, as the electromagnetic energies may be affecting us more than they normally do. It may feel similar to “veils between the worlds” – like portals – and can thus facilitate meditation. So let go, connect, intend, and carry on!

Happy Spring!

By Jill K.


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