Full Moon Eclipse April 2015

This month’s Full Moon occurs on April 4, 2015, at 6:06am Mountain Daylight Time. It is a Total Lunar Eclipse, the third Total Eclipse in a series of four (known as a “tetrad”). It is also referred to as a “Blood Moon”, where the reflection of the light from the Sun not absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere gives the Moon a reddish color. This Moon is being referred to as the “Pink Moon” as well; that fits better with spring. The Moon is in Libra, focusing the energies of this eclipse on relationships, partnerships, and justice. This will include, importantly, our relationship with ourselves. At this time the Sun, opposite the Moon at the full, has some company, bringing a bit of a challenge to all this. Joining up with the Sun in Aries are Mercury, South Node, and Uranus. Which is fitting for the quickest total eclipse this century – according to NASA, totality lasts only five minutes (5:58-6:03 MDT). Whew! Pluto will be making waves with the eclipse as well, giving it a deep, intense, cathartic flavor. This could be interesting for family gatherings this Easter/Passover weekend (for those who celebrate). These intense energies are best when expressed; I recommend either writing or physical exercise. Please be careful driving as well – driving during eclipses can be risky due to the electromagnetic interruption – this eclipse in particular with the planetary lineup in Aries we’ll want to be cautious. At the same time, Jupiter is enhancing all of this, while Saturn and Neptune are making it difficult to decide whether to clean the house or escape into cyberspace. The next few days after the Full Moon will be interesting as Mercury passes over the South Node, Sun, and Uranus in quick succession. The 5th sees the sun exactly impact Pluto, bringing into focus the Let-Go-or-Be-Dragged areas of our lives. On the 6th Mercury waves a quick hello to Jupiter, making this a good day for inspired communication and/or publishing. The Sun moves over Uranus this day as well; expect the spontaneous and unexpected. On the 7th Mercury conflicts with Pluto; a possibility for manipulation exists, but so does inspiration for deep conversation. On the 8th Jupiter, whose apparent motion has been backward since December 8 of 2014, turns direct, opening up the way for us to see and embrace who we truly are or are becoming. On the 11th, Venus moves into Gemini, lightening up the social scene. The 14th brings Mercury moving into Taurus, grounding some of the faster moving ideas into reality, as Venus opposes Saturn, opening us up to a more positive view of our self-worth. Pluto turns retrograde on the 16th, giving us pause to reflect internally on our issues of personal (and impersonal) views on power and how it affects our transformational process in the coming months. On the 17th Mars comes into conflict with Jupiter, enhancing our ability to blow off steam and let go of (or cut off) that which no longer serves.
All of this activity supports spring cleaning on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. As the Earth comes alive again, so do we; growing, blooming, blossoming into all we are meant to be. Namaste!
By Jill K.


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