New Moon April 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on April 18th at 12:57pm Mountain Daylight Time. The New Moon in general is a good time to begin new ideas or ventures; this one is particularly good because it is in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. Aries, ruled by Mars, is a very proactive, high energy sign. It can give us the courage to begin a project or to reinvent ourselves. It can spur us on to move out of our comfort zones. It can give us motivation and foster leadership. It can also give us the willingness to look at things in a brand new way, including living in the moment. At the time of this Moon, Pluto has just gone retrograde (plumbing issues, anyone?), and Mars and Jupiter have just finished buzzing us out with their conflict. This can facilitate our going deep within to find our truths. Going out in nature or doing physical exercise (or both) can get us in touch with our inner powerhouse as well.
Elsewhere in the skies on the 19th Mercury and Neptune come into harmony with kindness and creative imagining; also, Venus brushes with Neptune, fostering fantasy and romance (and be aware of any victim mentality that may creep in). This makes a good day for art, music and cosplay. On the 20th, the Sun moves into gentle Taurus, grounding and solidifying anything we have been working on. Taurus also teaches us to slow down and appreciate the beauty in our lives. Mercury conflicts with Jupiter as well; watch for “open mouth insert foot” moments; they may sneak up on us. April 21st brings us more focus when Mars teams up with Pluto, ramping up the energy to get things done with optimum efficiency. Mercury is on a roll for the 22nd; harmonizing with Pluto and passing over Mars, giving us not only the ability to communicate on a deeper level, but the motivation to do so as well. Venus then makes nice with Jupiter, enhancing our relationships and our pleasures. The 24th has Venus squirming about Pluto, which in turn makes us squirm about relationships, money, and our relationship to money. Venus and Uranus meet up to dance an unusual dance on the 26th; giving the day a socially quirky feel. The 29th brings a nice Sun/Neptune contact which can assist in our peaceful spiritual practices and lend some inspiration to our lives. Mercury moves into his home sign of Gemini on the 30th; brightening up the conversation and injecting some lighthearted humor into the mix.
Until the next Full Moon,
By Jill K.


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