Full Moon May 2015

This month’s Full Moon occurs on May 3, 2015 at 9:42 pm Mountain Daylight Time. The Moon is in transformative Scorpio, giving this Moon a deep intensity that has been quietly building all week. Those of us who are sensitive to the Moon’s cycles will have felt this keenly. Jupiter adds his energy to this intensity; his being in Leo may amp up the drama, impel us to philosophize about our deepest secrets and bring them out for discussion, reflection, and healing where necessary. Mercury and Saturn are operating alongside these planets, giving us the support to discuss the tough stuff. We may need to use sensitivity in our communications to avoid possible misunderstandings. Niggling delays may pop up as well; patience is the key.
Elsewhere in the skies the Sun plays with Jupiter on the 4th; watch for grandiosity, exaggeration, and more than a bit of inspired courage. The Sun moves on to play with Pluto on the 6th, giving us enhanced access to our subconscious and facilitating the work begun on the Full Moon – letting go of what doesn’t work for us being primary here. Venus moves into Cancer on the 7th; the tendency to take everything personally may show up, but so can the desire to socialize at home or redecorate. Dinner party anyone? The 9th brings Mercury into conflict with Neptune. Feelings of hopelessness may arise, or we may just zone out and go to our happy place, as communications might cause more confusion than clarity. This may amplify as Mercury slows down in preparation for its retrograde, coming up on the 18th just after the New Moon. Mars charges into Gemini on the 11th, watch for quick tempers and traffic incidents. Assertive communication is supported now. The 14th brings things to a temporary halt as Mars and Saturn face off. This can cause delays and frustrations that feel like we are driving with the brakes on, but can also be used for acute focus. The 16th brings us some welcome relief when Venus dances with Neptune – this opens the space for romance, the arts, and appreciation of all that is beautiful.

Happy May!

By Jill K.


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