Full Moon June 2015

This month’s Full Moon occurs on June 2nd at 10:19 am Mountain Daylight Time. The Moon is in Sagittarius, appropriate for all our graduates as they prepare to spring forth into the world. Sagittarius is a sign of higher learning and long distance travel, as well as ideology, truth, and the great outdoors. The Sun, opposite the Moon, is in Gemini, partnering with Mercury (still retrograde) and Mars. This combination brings logic, wisdom and sharp, quick wit – but it is all being challenged by Neptune, planet of compassion, art, and intuition. This may highlight the stark differences between the rational and the sensory, and can make trying to solve problems via logic alone problematic. So, while we may be processing a lot of information at this time, it may be best to get out in Nature, unplug for a time, slow down, meditate or even just take a nap. Sleep on it!
The rest of the week we have Venus moving into Leo and doing coffee with Saturn; any drama that may arise might fall on deaf ears, but it may be a good time for beginning a long term relationship –this includes friendships. Mars and Jupiter nod to one another; spontaneity is supported, but watch for hubris. The second week of June has an optimistic beginning with the Sun and Jupiter meeting up on the 8th, followed on the 9th with Mars and Uranus sharing nods. The 10th has Mercury and Venus nodding as well as the Sun and Uranus, followed by Mercury going Direct on the 11th. The week ends with Neptune turning retrograde on the 12th. Translation? Busy week! Socially productive, but expect the unexpected. There may be unknown factors involved in decisions, though there may also be flashes of creative insight. Use caution while driving. I have noticed that more accidents occur when planets station and turn retrograde or direct, and with both Mercury and Neptune changing direction in the same week we can most likely expect confusion and delay – and a lot of distracted driving. There is also additional support for the unplugging indicated at the Full Moon – we may be asked to do this so we can begin integrating and more fully engaging with our intuition, creativity, and compassion. June 14th brings the Sun meeting up with Mars, flaring our tempers but also giving us the energy to move forward. The same day Saturn slithers back into Scorpio until September 17th, giving us one last chance to tie up any loose ends created during Saturn’s stay in that sign (October 2012-December 2014).
Things may be moving along at a rapid rate, but don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. They are finally blooming!
See you at the New,
Jill K


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