New Moon June 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on June 16th at 8:05 am Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). It is in the sign of Gemini, sign of communication, ideas, and adaptability. New Moons are great times for starting new projects, and this one is no exception. With a power boost from Mars, all those new ideas we’ve been ruminating about during Mercury’s backward dance, all the closet cleaning, clearing, reorganizing, delay, and do-overs are done and we are now thrust forward into motion! This is a good time to start that new business, get back to the gym, and launch new projects. Jupiter and Uranus are supporting one another in Leo and Aries respectively, giving extra enthusiasm and the courage to take a leap of faith for the matters at hand. Chiron is giving Mars a challenge at this time; this can be best used to heal old wounds by taking that step forward and breaking old patterns. Saturn, who has just backed up into Scorpio (until September 17th), can assist the process of uncovering remaining issues to our moving forward if we find it difficult.

Elsewhere in the skies the Summer Solstice occurs on June 21st at 10:38 am MDT. This is when the Sun reaches his northern-most point in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun enters the Cardinal sign of Cancer at this time (Cardinal signs are those at the Solstices and Equinoxes – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). Summer is here, crops are growing, and we are feeling the full bounty of the Earth around us! On the 22nd, Jupiter and Uranus are in exact support position, and are closely followed with a Mercury/Neptune conflict on the 23rd and Mars moving into Cancer on the 24th.   There may be some deception or foggy thinking during this period, or doubts around whether our leap of faith was such a good idea, but we may also be challenged to bring our dreams out of the fog and into the sunlight! This is an incredibly creative time as well; our feeling natures are bursting forth and wanting to be expressed. The 29th may bring some sudden relationship or money issues with Venus nodding to Uranus – perhaps our project gets funded, or a new love interest appears. In short, we can sum this period (lunation) from New to Full as such: Ready, Set, GO!

Until the Full –

By Jill K.


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