Full Moon July 2015

This month’s first Full Moon occurs on July 1st at 8:20pm Mountain Daylight Time. The Moon is in industrious, hard-working Capricorn, highlighting our work and career(s). There is a lot going on, that is for sure! Pluto is joining the Moon and Mars is joining the Sun, giving us an all too keen awareness of the power plays going on in our lives and the world. Also in on the fun we have Venus and Jupiter, and if you haven’t had a chance to see them together in the western twilight sky, please be sure you do so over the next few days. It’s pretty spectacular! The two benefics (beneficial planets) together can bring pay raises and lottery wins; also beware of over spending and social and /or political drama. Uranus is in the mix, shaking things up but also giving us impetus to take the leap of faith and make necessary changes, including manifesting our goals and dreams! This may be a good time to release our intentions into the world. Keeping things unreal is Neptune in favor with the Sun, which can heighten our spiritual senses, enhancing our dreams (and daydreams) and giving us vision. Chiron and Saturn do a wide dance and continue to support deep healing for our emotionally wounded places; facilitating letting go – again – of what no longer serves us.
The week continues with Mercury touching Uranus on the 3rd, Jupiter on the 4th, and Venus on the 5th. We are going to want to talk, write, and post! This is a good thing; it can lead to more knowledge, open dialogue, and expansion of thought, all with grace and good manners. Tech might get spotty but that gives us an opportunity to converse face to face. Imagine that! On the 6th the Sun exactly opposes Pluto, shedding a light on some of the deeper issues we may be facing, and also lighting the way for transformation to occur. Then, on the 8th, Mercury rolls into Cancer, along with Mars in favorable aspect to Neptune. Our get-up-and-go may turn into lie-down-and-nap, turning us inward for a few days. This is an excellent time to meditate and pay attention to nighttime dreaming (including lucid dreaming). The 12th brings us the Sun conflicting with Uranus, jolting us out of our reverie. Expect the unexpected. The 13th brings Mercury in harmony with Neptune; watch for possible deception but also communication with compassion. Venus will be in conflict with Saturn this day as well; it may give us a reality check in regards to romance or finance.
Enjoy the Venus/Jupiter conjunction! Namaste!

By Jill K.


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