New Moon July 2015

This month’ New Moon occurs on July 15th 2015 at 7:25 pm Mountain Daylight Time. The Moon is in the sign of Cancer, the sign she rules. Cancer Moons are a good time to be reflective (pun intended) as the Moon rules our emotional cycles as well as our subconscious. This New Moon is likely to ramp this up a bit as there is a LOT of activity going on out there! Joining the Sun and Moon in the sign of Cancer are Mars and Mercury, traveling together for a short time this week. They can stir up storms (literally as well as figuratively) in our minds and our homes. Add in Pluto, directly across the skies from Mars/Mercury, and those storms become transformational. Speaking of Pluto, July 14, 2015 saw the New Horizons spacecraft fly by Pluto for a first close-up look at this faraway world. How well this fits with this New Moon! From our Home (Sun and Moon in Cancer), a spacecraft flies (Uranus, Mars) to gather data (Mercury) to send home (Mercury in Cancer), including pictures (Neptune/Sun-Moon). Even its name- New Horizons (New Moon – Sun/Moon with Saturn)-seems to fit to a “T”! Here on Earth things might be a little more on the intense side with all this activity, though it is a lighter, quicker intensity than what we’ve experienced in the past three years or so. The 15th through the 18th we may wish to hold our tongues a bit, as the urge to be more than brutally honest may show up. New and unexpected ways of processing and talking things out may present. This may also be a great time to put things out to the Universe (Higher Power, God, etc) as Venus and Jupiter dance with Saturn, assisting manifestation efforts. Venus moves into Virgo on the 18th for a short stay; she turns retrograde on the 25th, goes back into Leo on the 31st, and turns direct again on September 6th. During a Venus retrograde period we can expect financial matters to take a pause – Saturn is involved so it may include limitations on spending and funds, or a restructuring of our finances. We may also reconnect with previous lovers – suddenly that old boyfriend or girlfriend shows up or calls. Past fashion trends may resurface at this time as well, and our values and lifestyle may need a re-think. The Sun enters sunny Leo on the 22nd; brightening things up a bit. Use caution on the 25th; Mars and Uranus are butting heads so watch your movement to avoid clumsiness or accidents. Following on Venus’ heels, Uranus turns retrograde on the 26th until December 25th. Uranus retrograde gives us a chance to review and reflect on changes put forth during Uranus’ direct period, and may give us more sudden insights on those and other matters under review. It can also uncover bugs in technology and inspire new, creative fixes for them.
New Moons are good for intention setting; and this one is a gem. Go for it!
By Jill K.


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