New Moon August 2015

This Month’s New Moon occurs on August 14th 2015 at 8:53 am Mountain Daylight Time. The Moon is in the dramatic, charismatic sign of Leo, along with the Sun, Venus, and Mars. That’s a lot of Leo! There is plenty of opportunity for romance here, though with Venus well into her retrograde we may see former lovers reappear. Watch your bank and credit card accounts; fraud is running rampant. Adding fuel to this fire is Uranus from Aries; expect the unexpected. Creativity and courage move to the forefront; Venus’ influence, much stronger than Mars’, brings the attributes of the Lioness to bear. It is an excellent time to get in touch with heart matters, as Leo rules the heart.
Elsewhere in the skies we have Mercury in harmony with Pluto on the 15th; transformational discussion and communication are favored. On the 19th Venus conspires with Pluto for some intensity – a good day to delve deeply into art, dance or music. The Sun conflicts with Saturn on the 21st, giving us a dose of mundane reality, while the Moon conflicts with Jupiter the next day, letting us feel more expansive. So although we realize there are limitations, we are aware that we can still move on in spite of them – actually, because of them, as structure manifests our dreams and ideas. Shortly after, the Sun moves into discerning, industrious Virgo. This grounds us as we prepare the harvest or go back to school. On the 26th the Sun meets up with Jupiter, and Mercury and Saturn have a chat. This combination also supports the manifestation of our dreams, ideas, and goals. The next day Mercury moves into Libra, shifting the focus to balance and justice.
Happy manifesting!
By Jill K.


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