New Moon Eclipse September 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on September 13th at 12:41am Mountain Daylight Time. It is a solar eclipse, which magnifies the New Moon energies. With this charged up Moon in Virgo it is an excellent time to clean, clear, and reorganize; get rid of what doesn’t serve or suit you anymore. Cleaning out closets and minds and donating items is a good way to put this energy to practical use.
Elsewhere at the New Moon we have Chiron across the sky from the eclipse; health issues may show up or need a closer look. On the 16th Jupiter and Neptune meet across the sky; watch for over-zealous religious proclamations, deceit, and/or fraud to make headlines. Creative energies may be high; it might be difficult to navigate for those who are not grounded, and weirdness may be the way of the day (though it’s felt “weird” for about a week now…). The 17th brings us Mercury turning retrograde in Libra; whatever relationship issues we didn’t get to during Venus’ retrograde we will get to look at now. The good thing is that we may reconnect with old friends again. Even better, invite an old friend to help clean out closets and reorganize! Saturn *finally* moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius this same day. Besides lending practicality to our dreams, Saturn in Sagittarius helps us overcome adversity with work, persistence and humor. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until December 2017.
The 22nd brings a Venus meetup with Uranus, potentially complicating things with an unexpected issue. On the 23rd, the Sun enters Libra – the Fall Equinox- at 2:21am MDT. Later that day, the Sun brushes with Saturn, giving our harvest celebrations a more serious, grounded energy. The next day Mercury squares up with Pluto, Mars crosses into Virgo, and Pluto turns direct; communications may get nasty and overly critical. Obsessively cleaning and reorganizing a closet or living space might be a better use for this energy combination. Mars challenges Saturn on the 25th; this combination may feel like driving with the brakes on – nothing seems to move. Mercury still in retrograde may add to any confusion and delay. This brings us up to the Full Moon/Supermoon/Blood Moon Eclipse on the 27th – more on that next time.
The two week period in between eclipses is generally more intense than normal. The build-up of energy during this time is asking us to continue to let go of what no longer serves – not just closets and stuff but thoughts, habits, feelings, attitudes, and ways of doing things. This may be to make room for new and exciting things to come!
Eclipse on!
By Jill K.


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