Full Moon Eclipse September 2015

This month’s Full Moon occurs on September 27, 2015, at 8:50pm Mountain Daylight Time. This Moon is different from others in that it is a Supermoon Eclipse. These are rare; they’ve only happened 5 times since 1900, the last one being in 1982, and the next one won’t be until 2033(www.Space.com). This alone makes it powerful; add in the fact that this is the last of four “blood moon” eclipses in a row (a “Tetrad”) and the Moon is in Aries, and we have a winner, folks! Much has been written about prophesies and doom and the end of the world being heralded by this–I do not subscribe to that myself. This Moon is a fantastic opportunity to really let go of what no longer serves, while bringing in a new and fresh way of being. Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac; its energy is initiating and adventurous. Let’s choose to ride this tide! Communications may be a bit challenging with Mercury still in retrograde; the usual confusion and delay apply.
Elsewhere in the skies the Sun bumps into Mercury on the 30th; there may be some epic miscommunication afoot. October 6th the Sun conflicts for a brief moment with Pluto, Mercury gives Saturn an opportunity to explain himself, and Mars gives Neptune some energy and awareness. This might be a good day to volunteer for those less fortunate, get together with friends to discuss esoterica, or create an inspired, focused, transformational work of art. On the 8th Venus enters Virgo, healing dramas and turning the focus to work and service. With Mars, Jupiter and Venus all in Virgo, we can also hope to see a lot of cleaning, clearing, organizing and decorating going on. Mercury goes direct on the 9th – yay! Now we can look into starting up anything that inadvertently (or not) got put on hold since September 17th. On the 10th Venus and Saturn glare at each other; romance and finances may present challenges. The 11th brings us a nice aspect with Jupiter and Pluto; think Pope Francis, transforming his spiritual path. The Sun and Uranus face off this day as well; new flashes of insight are possible, expect the unexpected. Change is in the air!
By Jill K.


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