New Moon October2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on October 12th at 6:06pm Mountain Daylight Time. It is in the sign of Libra, the sign of harmony, partnership and balance. It is a good time for artistic endeavors and socializing, though this month we have Uranus in the mix. This can lend itself to breakups or breakthroughs and sudden flashes of creative genius. It also sets up a flavor of unpredictability for the next two weeks or so while the moon waxes, so it’s a good time to ride with the changes. This is especially pertinent with Mercury having just gone direct three days prior.
Elsewhere in the skies on the 13th Mercury waves at Saturn, focusing communication and minimizing chit-chat. The 15th brings Mars into harmony with Pluto – watch for power plays, but also for opportunities to empower transformation in our lives. On the 16th Venus opposes Neptune, which can bring deception and disillusionment to light. Has our service been in vain? Positively this can inspire and support the arts, or just give the urge to wear something fashionable. The next day Mars runs into Jupiter, shifting the energy to one of unbridled enthusiasm and giving us impetus to get up and get going. There may even be noteworthy healthcare news. The 22nd brings Mercury into conflict with Pluto; communications may be blunt but please watch the snark. On the 23rd the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio, shifting life to a more internal experience as the days grow shorter. The same day Venus harmonizes with Pluto, turning up the sexy and changing up the finances. A major purchase is a possibility, especially when Venus meets up with Jupiter on the 25th. That same day Mercury is moving by Uranus; pay extra attention when speaking and traveling.
All in all the next two weeks should be something of an adventure – intense, but eye opening and transformational. Peace to all!

By Jill K.


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