New Moon November 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on November 11th at 10:47am Mountain Standard Time. The Moon is in transformative, brooding, and psychic Scorpio. Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Chiron, and Pluto are all affecting this Moon, each in its own way. This combination reminds me of a dark swamp, holding its secrets until a bold of lightning ignites the gasses and brings that darkness into the light, however briefly. When the swamp returns to darkness, it has been seen, it has been transformed; it is still dark but no longer unseen or unknown. The New Moon is similar to the swamp; it is traditionally a time of new beginnings, of bringing the unseen into the light; bringing new possibilities into manifestation. This New Moon is a time to develop our hidden potentials. Psychological, spiritual, psychic and healing energies are particularly favored now.
Elsewhere in the skies we have Mars entering Libra on the 12th. Mars is uncomfortable here; the focus is often on relationships and others, Mars prefers the focus to be on him. Competition may arise. However, finding balance between “me” time and time with others is the challenge, and Mars is up to it. Mars can also fuel interest in the arts here. On the 13th, Venus has coffee with Saturn, and Mercury meets Jupiter at the library. This is a good time for financial and social planning, especially with the holidays and calendar year end fast approaching. The 17th brings Mercury right into the Sun; drama and pomposity may ensue. Neptune turns direct on the 18th, bringing forth artistic creativity and enhancing the beauty of the season – enjoy the lights! Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the 20th; watch for foot-in-mouth syndrome with the relatives this Thanksgiving (US). The same day Venus has strained relations with Pluto; watch for excesses; it may be the day a big purchase is made on credit. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd, lightening moods and giving us the energy and, hopefully, positivity to swing into the season. On the 23rd Venus opposes Uranus – a sudden awareness of our financial or relational status may ensue, or we might be prone to impulse buying. Mars waves at Saturn that day as well; that might actually bring us back to an uneasy reality. The next day Mercury bumps into Saturn, and later that day comes into conflict with Neptune. Logic and belief – compare, contrast – are likely to spur some interesting conversations today, if we can keep from putting our feet too far into our mouths.
Until the Full – Namaste!
-By Jill K.


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