Full Moon November 2015

This month’s Full Moon occurs on November 25, 2015, at 3:44pm Mountain Standard Time.
The Moon is in Gemini, enhancing everyone’s restlessness. Ideas, and bullpuckey, are flying at supersonic speed. Saturn and Mercury are close in with the Sun, giving a hyper-focus on intellectual issues but slowing travel way down – patience is needed, especially with the Thanksgiving holiday upon us. Use caution on the roads as distraction may be running high. Airport delays are indicated as well. Let’s try to keep our focus on gratitude and use any delays as a time to ground and center as the holiday season begins.
Elsewhere in the skies, Saturn and Neptune conflict on the 26th. Reality and fantasy collide; health issues may have a spiritual solution. The Sun sheds light on both planets on the 29th; it may not be what we want to hear, but at least we can see what’s going on. On December 1st Mercury and Uranus play nice in the sandbox; this is a good time to brainstorm as new and innovative ideas can flow more easily now. Mercury challenges Jupiter on the 4th, this is good for projecting long term goals, but be mindful of details and keep arrogance in check. Venus moves into Scorpio this day as well; this could encourage spending on credit or spice up the bedroom. The 6th brings the Sun into an uneasy alliance with Mars, who is challenging Pluto. This can indicate power plays, or be a catalyst for transformation. On the 8th the Sun aligns with Uranus, giving us a boost of energy and the urge to try something beyond our comfort zone. The next day Mercury moves into Capricorn, grounding our thoughts and helping us stay more on task. The 10th brings Mars into opposition with Uranus; please be careful driving, as people may be explosively cranky today. It is also a good day to break free – or begin to separate -from something that has been holding us back.
This can be a stressful time of year for many; patience and compassion for ourselves and others helps us all. Transformation and change are afoot!

By Jill Pitts


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