New Moon December 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on December 11, 2015, at 3:29am Mountain Standard Time. The Moon is in Sagittarius the Archer and Centaur, teacher and wise one, party animal supreme. This is the idea time for holiday parties, but sadly, there is a twist – the previous day’s Mars/Pluto/Uranus meetup has sure left some of us irritated beyond reason. As a matter of fact, reason has momentarily left the room. Fortunately, Mars moves quickly and will be on its way, leaving Uranus and Pluto to break down and transform the damage. On the bright side, Venus and Neptune are in harmony this day as well; there may be deception afoot, but we can indulge in fantasy or create some spectacular art. New Moons represent new beginnings; this is an excellent time to jump start those New Year’s Resolutions. There may be some deception through the mass media on the 14th with Mercury nudging Neptune; the Sun will rub Jupiter the wrong way as well so things may get blown out of proportion. On the 17th Venus moves into an uneasy truce with Pluto; watch the credit cards. Between the 19th and the 20th, Mercury will occupy a spot similar to Mars on the 10th and 11th; sharp talk resulting from frazzled nerves may occur along with some bad news. Let’s aim for transformative and inspired conversation instead! The 21st is the Winter Solstice, where the Sun moves into Capricorn at 9:49pm. The days will begin growing longer now. Solstice is a good time to clear out the past and prepare for the new; prosperity work can be done at this time. On the 24th Venus nods to Jupiter, hopefully expanding the love and giving a bright light to all.

Peace on Earth. We need it.

By Jill K.


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