Full Moon July 2015

This month’s first Full Moon occurs on July 1st at 8:20pm Mountain Daylight Time. The Moon is in industrious, hard-working Capricorn, highlighting our work and career(s). There is a lot going on, that is for sure! Pluto is joining the Moon and Mars is joining the Sun, giving us an all too keen awareness of the power plays going on in our lives and the world. Also in on the fun we have Venus and Jupiter, and if you haven’t had a chance to see them together in the western twilight sky, please be sure you do so over the next few days. It’s pretty spectacular! The two benefics (beneficial planets) together can bring pay raises and lottery wins; also beware of over spending and social and /or political drama. Uranus is in the mix, shaking things up but also giving us impetus to take the leap of faith and make necessary changes, including manifesting our goals and dreams! This may be a good time to release our intentions into the world. Keeping things unreal is Neptune in favor with the Sun, which can heighten our spiritual senses, enhancing our dreams (and daydreams) and giving us vision. Chiron and Saturn do a wide dance and continue to support deep healing for our emotionally wounded places; facilitating letting go – again – of what no longer serves us.
The week continues with Mercury touching Uranus on the 3rd, Jupiter on the 4th, and Venus on the 5th. We are going to want to talk, write, and post! This is a good thing; it can lead to more knowledge, open dialogue, and expansion of thought, all with grace and good manners. Tech might get spotty but that gives us an opportunity to converse face to face. Imagine that! On the 6th the Sun exactly opposes Pluto, shedding a light on some of the deeper issues we may be facing, and also lighting the way for transformation to occur. Then, on the 8th, Mercury rolls into Cancer, along with Mars in favorable aspect to Neptune. Our get-up-and-go may turn into lie-down-and-nap, turning us inward for a few days. This is an excellent time to meditate and pay attention to nighttime dreaming (including lucid dreaming). The 12th brings us the Sun conflicting with Uranus, jolting us out of our reverie. Expect the unexpected. The 13th brings Mercury in harmony with Neptune; watch for possible deception but also communication with compassion. Venus will be in conflict with Saturn this day as well; it may give us a reality check in regards to romance or finance.
Enjoy the Venus/Jupiter conjunction! Namaste!

By Jill K.

New Moon June 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on June 16th at 8:05 am Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). It is in the sign of Gemini, sign of communication, ideas, and adaptability. New Moons are great times for starting new projects, and this one is no exception. With a power boost from Mars, all those new ideas we’ve been ruminating about during Mercury’s backward dance, all the closet cleaning, clearing, reorganizing, delay, and do-overs are done and we are now thrust forward into motion! This is a good time to start that new business, get back to the gym, and launch new projects. Jupiter and Uranus are supporting one another in Leo and Aries respectively, giving extra enthusiasm and the courage to take a leap of faith for the matters at hand. Chiron is giving Mars a challenge at this time; this can be best used to heal old wounds by taking that step forward and breaking old patterns. Saturn, who has just backed up into Scorpio (until September 17th), can assist the process of uncovering remaining issues to our moving forward if we find it difficult.

Elsewhere in the skies the Summer Solstice occurs on June 21st at 10:38 am MDT. This is when the Sun reaches his northern-most point in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun enters the Cardinal sign of Cancer at this time (Cardinal signs are those at the Solstices and Equinoxes – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). Summer is here, crops are growing, and we are feeling the full bounty of the Earth around us! On the 22nd, Jupiter and Uranus are in exact support position, and are closely followed with a Mercury/Neptune conflict on the 23rd and Mars moving into Cancer on the 24th.   There may be some deception or foggy thinking during this period, or doubts around whether our leap of faith was such a good idea, but we may also be challenged to bring our dreams out of the fog and into the sunlight! This is an incredibly creative time as well; our feeling natures are bursting forth and wanting to be expressed. The 29th may bring some sudden relationship or money issues with Venus nodding to Uranus – perhaps our project gets funded, or a new love interest appears. In short, we can sum this period (lunation) from New to Full as such: Ready, Set, GO!

Until the Full –

By Jill K.

Full Moon June 2015

This month’s Full Moon occurs on June 2nd at 10:19 am Mountain Daylight Time. The Moon is in Sagittarius, appropriate for all our graduates as they prepare to spring forth into the world. Sagittarius is a sign of higher learning and long distance travel, as well as ideology, truth, and the great outdoors. The Sun, opposite the Moon, is in Gemini, partnering with Mercury (still retrograde) and Mars. This combination brings logic, wisdom and sharp, quick wit – but it is all being challenged by Neptune, planet of compassion, art, and intuition. This may highlight the stark differences between the rational and the sensory, and can make trying to solve problems via logic alone problematic. So, while we may be processing a lot of information at this time, it may be best to get out in Nature, unplug for a time, slow down, meditate or even just take a nap. Sleep on it!
The rest of the week we have Venus moving into Leo and doing coffee with Saturn; any drama that may arise might fall on deaf ears, but it may be a good time for beginning a long term relationship –this includes friendships. Mars and Jupiter nod to one another; spontaneity is supported, but watch for hubris. The second week of June has an optimistic beginning with the Sun and Jupiter meeting up on the 8th, followed on the 9th with Mars and Uranus sharing nods. The 10th has Mercury and Venus nodding as well as the Sun and Uranus, followed by Mercury going Direct on the 11th. The week ends with Neptune turning retrograde on the 12th. Translation? Busy week! Socially productive, but expect the unexpected. There may be unknown factors involved in decisions, though there may also be flashes of creative insight. Use caution while driving. I have noticed that more accidents occur when planets station and turn retrograde or direct, and with both Mercury and Neptune changing direction in the same week we can most likely expect confusion and delay – and a lot of distracted driving. There is also additional support for the unplugging indicated at the Full Moon – we may be asked to do this so we can begin integrating and more fully engaging with our intuition, creativity, and compassion. June 14th brings the Sun meeting up with Mars, flaring our tempers but also giving us the energy to move forward. The same day Saturn slithers back into Scorpio until September 17th, giving us one last chance to tie up any loose ends created during Saturn’s stay in that sign (October 2012-December 2014).
Things may be moving along at a rapid rate, but don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. They are finally blooming!
See you at the New,
Jill K

Full Moon May 2015

This month’s Full Moon occurs on May 3, 2015 at 9:42 pm Mountain Daylight Time. The Moon is in transformative Scorpio, giving this Moon a deep intensity that has been quietly building all week. Those of us who are sensitive to the Moon’s cycles will have felt this keenly. Jupiter adds his energy to this intensity; his being in Leo may amp up the drama, impel us to philosophize about our deepest secrets and bring them out for discussion, reflection, and healing where necessary. Mercury and Saturn are operating alongside these planets, giving us the support to discuss the tough stuff. We may need to use sensitivity in our communications to avoid possible misunderstandings. Niggling delays may pop up as well; patience is the key.
Elsewhere in the skies the Sun plays with Jupiter on the 4th; watch for grandiosity, exaggeration, and more than a bit of inspired courage. The Sun moves on to play with Pluto on the 6th, giving us enhanced access to our subconscious and facilitating the work begun on the Full Moon – letting go of what doesn’t work for us being primary here. Venus moves into Cancer on the 7th; the tendency to take everything personally may show up, but so can the desire to socialize at home or redecorate. Dinner party anyone? The 9th brings Mercury into conflict with Neptune. Feelings of hopelessness may arise, or we may just zone out and go to our happy place, as communications might cause more confusion than clarity. This may amplify as Mercury slows down in preparation for its retrograde, coming up on the 18th just after the New Moon. Mars charges into Gemini on the 11th, watch for quick tempers and traffic incidents. Assertive communication is supported now. The 14th brings things to a temporary halt as Mars and Saturn face off. This can cause delays and frustrations that feel like we are driving with the brakes on, but can also be used for acute focus. The 16th brings us some welcome relief when Venus dances with Neptune – this opens the space for romance, the arts, and appreciation of all that is beautiful.

Happy May!

By Jill K.

New Moon April 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on April 18th at 12:57pm Mountain Daylight Time. The New Moon in general is a good time to begin new ideas or ventures; this one is particularly good because it is in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. Aries, ruled by Mars, is a very proactive, high energy sign. It can give us the courage to begin a project or to reinvent ourselves. It can spur us on to move out of our comfort zones. It can give us motivation and foster leadership. It can also give us the willingness to look at things in a brand new way, including living in the moment. At the time of this Moon, Pluto has just gone retrograde (plumbing issues, anyone?), and Mars and Jupiter have just finished buzzing us out with their conflict. This can facilitate our going deep within to find our truths. Going out in nature or doing physical exercise (or both) can get us in touch with our inner powerhouse as well.
Elsewhere in the skies on the 19th Mercury and Neptune come into harmony with kindness and creative imagining; also, Venus brushes with Neptune, fostering fantasy and romance (and be aware of any victim mentality that may creep in). This makes a good day for art, music and cosplay. On the 20th, the Sun moves into gentle Taurus, grounding and solidifying anything we have been working on. Taurus also teaches us to slow down and appreciate the beauty in our lives. Mercury conflicts with Jupiter as well; watch for “open mouth insert foot” moments; they may sneak up on us. April 21st brings us more focus when Mars teams up with Pluto, ramping up the energy to get things done with optimum efficiency. Mercury is on a roll for the 22nd; harmonizing with Pluto and passing over Mars, giving us not only the ability to communicate on a deeper level, but the motivation to do so as well. Venus then makes nice with Jupiter, enhancing our relationships and our pleasures. The 24th has Venus squirming about Pluto, which in turn makes us squirm about relationships, money, and our relationship to money. Venus and Uranus meet up to dance an unusual dance on the 26th; giving the day a socially quirky feel. The 29th brings a nice Sun/Neptune contact which can assist in our peaceful spiritual practices and lend some inspiration to our lives. Mercury moves into his home sign of Gemini on the 30th; brightening up the conversation and injecting some lighthearted humor into the mix.
Until the next Full Moon,
By Jill K.

Full Moon Eclipse April 2015

This month’s Full Moon occurs on April 4, 2015, at 6:06am Mountain Daylight Time. It is a Total Lunar Eclipse, the third Total Eclipse in a series of four (known as a “tetrad”). It is also referred to as a “Blood Moon”, where the reflection of the light from the Sun not absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere gives the Moon a reddish color. This Moon is being referred to as the “Pink Moon” as well; that fits better with spring. The Moon is in Libra, focusing the energies of this eclipse on relationships, partnerships, and justice. This will include, importantly, our relationship with ourselves. At this time the Sun, opposite the Moon at the full, has some company, bringing a bit of a challenge to all this. Joining up with the Sun in Aries are Mercury, South Node, and Uranus. Which is fitting for the quickest total eclipse this century – according to NASA, totality lasts only five minutes (5:58-6:03 MDT). Whew! Pluto will be making waves with the eclipse as well, giving it a deep, intense, cathartic flavor. This could be interesting for family gatherings this Easter/Passover weekend (for those who celebrate). These intense energies are best when expressed; I recommend either writing or physical exercise. Please be careful driving as well – driving during eclipses can be risky due to the electromagnetic interruption – this eclipse in particular with the planetary lineup in Aries we’ll want to be cautious. At the same time, Jupiter is enhancing all of this, while Saturn and Neptune are making it difficult to decide whether to clean the house or escape into cyberspace. The next few days after the Full Moon will be interesting as Mercury passes over the South Node, Sun, and Uranus in quick succession. The 5th sees the sun exactly impact Pluto, bringing into focus the Let-Go-or-Be-Dragged areas of our lives. On the 6th Mercury waves a quick hello to Jupiter, making this a good day for inspired communication and/or publishing. The Sun moves over Uranus this day as well; expect the spontaneous and unexpected. On the 7th Mercury conflicts with Pluto; a possibility for manipulation exists, but so does inspiration for deep conversation. On the 8th Jupiter, whose apparent motion has been backward since December 8 of 2014, turns direct, opening up the way for us to see and embrace who we truly are or are becoming. On the 11th, Venus moves into Gemini, lightening up the social scene. The 14th brings Mercury moving into Taurus, grounding some of the faster moving ideas into reality, as Venus opposes Saturn, opening us up to a more positive view of our self-worth. Pluto turns retrograde on the 16th, giving us pause to reflect internally on our issues of personal (and impersonal) views on power and how it affects our transformational process in the coming months. On the 17th Mars comes into conflict with Jupiter, enhancing our ability to blow off steam and let go of (or cut off) that which no longer serves.
All of this activity supports spring cleaning on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. As the Earth comes alive again, so do we; growing, blooming, blossoming into all we are meant to be. Namaste!
By Jill K.

New Moon Eclipse March 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on March 20, 2015, at 3:36 am Mountain Daylight Time. It is a Total Solar Eclipse at the very last degree of Pisces, visible mostly in Northern Europe, the Arctic, and some of the Mid East. This comes on the heels of a rather wild week; with the final Pluto-Uranus exact square and a solar event that had the Northern Lights showing up here in Colorado! The Spring Equinox follows later that day at 4:45pm when the Sun moves into Aries.
New Moon energies are magnified with Eclipses. With the Moon in Pisces it is an excellent time to get in touch with Source – God, the Universe, whatever name you may call It/She/He – to feel the unity of all creation. We, individually, are as drops of rain, making our way to the ocean of connectedness. This time is also ripe for setting new intentions, particularly with the Equinox occurring only 13 hours later. This is the Aries Point – the first degree of the Zodiac – a powerful point in itself as it heralds the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and thus new beginnings. Eclipse energies can be in effect for six months afterward, so let’s let go of what’s not working, get in touch with Source, send out intention and spring forward!
Elsewhere in the skies we have Mercury in Pisces moving from Neptune to Chiron, bringing a spiritual slant to old wounds on the 24th. It’s a good day for enlightened discussion about healing those wounds. The 25th brings harmony between the Sun and Saturn; good for productivity and a sense of security. This may lead to overspending and overindulgence on the 27th when Venus and Jupiter run into each other at the corner (“Time for a treat! Or six!”) . Venus keeps on going, and relationships and finances get a charge from Pluto when Venus trysts with him on the 30th. Later that day Mercury goes into Aries, ramping up the fast talk. On the 31st Mars wanders into Taurus, so things may seem to slow a bit. On April 2nd Mercury waves hello to Saturn and the Sun waves to Jupiter – this can facilitate clear, forward thinking with vision and foresight. This leads us up to the next Full Moon Eclipse – Blood Moon #3 in this series of four- on April 4th.
Another note on Eclipses is that the time in between the eclipses can feel wonky and out-of-sorts; almost like *something* is retrograde, but you can’t put a finger on just what. It’s best to cultivate patience during this time, as the electromagnetic energies may be affecting us more than they normally do. It may feel similar to “veils between the worlds” – like portals – and can thus facilitate meditation. So let go, connect, intend, and carry on!

Happy Spring!

By Jill K.

Full Moon March 2015

This month’s Full Moon occurs on March 5, 2015, at 11:05 am Mountain Standard Time. The Moon is in industrious, discerning Virgo, which may spark the urge to begin spring cleaning. It’s definitely a time to clear out things, attitudes, and ideas that no longer serve us, a theme that has been running in the background for a while now. This Full Moon is particularly intense as there is a lot of challenging energy about. For starters, the Moon wants to get things done; the Sun wants to go watch a movie. The Sun is with Chiron and Neptune, adding healing and compassion, but magnifying the desire to escape is Jupiter, who brings his conflict with Pluto in. This may cause uncomfortable issues to surface. The good news is that Neptune and Chiron can distract the Sun from the movie and combine energies to help resolve those issues.
Elsewhere in the skies, beware the Ides of March! There is a whirlwind of planetary activity happening. On the 9th Mars comes into harmony with Jupiter – this fiery combination can lead to hubris, but also enthusiasm and extra energy – perfect for an early spring hike (weather permitting)! Mars then moves on to bump into Uranus and conflict with Pluto on the 11th. Be careful in the car! Mars can add fuel to the already tense Uranus-Pluto energies. This can cause major friction and misunderstandings, or it can speed up enlightened transformation. Let’s hope for the best. Please. On the 12th Mercury slides into Pisces, shifting communication to the right brain from the left, favoring intuition over logic. Saturn turns retrograde on the 14th and will move backward until August, moving back into Scorpio one last time to sew up loose ends, reinforce lessons learned and knowledge gained over the last two years. The fun continues on the 16th when Uranus and Pluto butt heads – exactly square each other at 15 Aries/Capricorn 18 – for the seventh and final time since 2012. Expect tension, but this is necessary if we are to grow. Things have changed dramatically in the past three years; mostly for the good, though it didn’t always feel that way. Transformation can be messy, but the suddenly explosive (Uranus) volcano always leaves fertile soil in its wake (Pluto). Venus moves into Taurus on the 17th, shifting things into a more stable, gentle, grounded energy. Mercury joins with Neptune on the 18th, giving us a dreamy respite before the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the Vernal Equinox on the 20th.
All in all, these are intense times. The Pluto-Uranus energies are part of a long cycle with these two planets. This one we are in began in the 1960s when these planets were conjunct and were largely the catalysts for the changes back then. The seeds were planted; we are now beginning to see the shoots coming out of the ground. Issues that were brought to the forefront then are being revisited (Civil Rights, Cuba, the establishment, to name a few), with a few more added on for good measure (ACA, Occupy, sustainability). The only one sure thing is change (besides death and taxes); let’s put a positive spin on it whenever possible!

By Jill K.

New Moon February 2015

This month’s New Moon occurs on February 18th at 4:47pm Mountain Standard Time. It occurs at the very last degree and minute of Aquarius; one minute later the Moon moves into Pisces and, three minutes later, the Sun does the same. This is like the last moment of “Ah!” before the “choo!” in a sneeze – the final moment before the release into the next sign. In this case, it’s a transition from the collective to the universal; the cerebral to the heartfelt. Aquarius is a sign of the mind; Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, is a sensitive water sign that operates from the heart and the soul. Due to the mutable, nebulous nature of this sign, we may find ourselves having vivid dreams, or may feel we want to escape, retreat, and rest. The rest may be short, however – over the next two days Mars, Venus, and then the Moon travel into firey Aries and join forces to jump start our yearnings for Spring! This is a potent time for in-the-moment pleasures and romance. We may grow increasingly restless as well; the New Moon falls right in the center of the Uranus/Pluto conflict, which is set for an exact match-up in the middle of March. Things will calm down as our three travelers each come into harmony with Saturn, who lends us his practicality and focus as the week progresses. This is a good thing, as the Sun meets up with idealistic Neptune during this time. Best uses would be meditation, yoga, forgiveness exercises, and planning to bring dreams into reality.
Elsewhere in the skies Mercury will be in harmony with Uranus and overstated with Jupiter on March 1st. This could make for some interesting and enlightening communication. Jupiter and Uranus will meet in harmony on March 3rd, magnifying the unexpected and perhaps even bumping up our vibrations; it might be difficult to sleep the night before and/or after. The next day Venus touches both of these planets and runs into conflict with Pluto. We may need to watch our spending; the urge to go-ahead-and-buy-it-who-cares might be strong. On the other hand this may give us the impetus to further our plans to bring our dreams into reality. Relationships may also shift and change suddenly, though not totally unexpectedly – Pluto is good at bringing up the dregs for transformation in a subtle way – so subtle sometimes that when we finally realize what is happening, we realize we are done with them.
Overall it is best to know we are in an extremely transformative time. We can be dragged along, or let go of what no longer serves us and see where life takes us. In this oceanic period until the Equinox it is best to set a course, be prepared to weather a storm or two, and trust we are going in the right direction.

By Jill K.

Full Moon February 2015

This month’s Full Moon occurs on February 3, 2015, at 4:09pm Mountain Standard Time. The Moon is in Leo close to Jupiter, which magnifies the drama, strength and ambition we may experience with this Moon. This Moon is also in an uncomfortable relationship with four planets traveling together in Pisces – Neptune, Venus, Chiron, and Mars. These four together are an interesting mix – a couple of examples to sum this up would be indulgence in fantasy to heal our passions, or a spiritually creative way to deal with our wounds. Then again it might manifest in physical illnesses – bad colds, sinus infections, unusual rashes or allergic reactions. I find myself just wanting to veg on the couch and watch movies. Enter Saturn into the mix! Saturn is bearing down on Neptune, and these two aren’t exactly best friends, though they can learn to play nice in the sandbox. Saturn tries to put limitations and boundaries on diffuse Neptune, and Neptune dissolves boundaries that Saturn imposes; a kind of cosmic Yin and Yang. An expression of this is choreographed dance – dance is a spiritual art that expresses very well through structure. In my example, I feel guilty for sitting and watching movies, and can’t enjoy them because I’m thinking about all the responsibilities that I think I’m neglecting. To solve this I’ve set time limits on my escape indulgences. Also in the mix we have the Moon in another uncomfortable relationship with Pluto in Capricorn. This can cause power struggles, or a push toward empowerment. Expect the unexpected with this, as Uranus is still dancing with Pluto, though it could be in our favor as Uranus is good with the Moon. Good news – Mercury, who has been in retrograde since January 21st, will be turning direct on the 11th! Give it a few days to get going forward again, but things gone awry should begin to work themselves out. All in all, while things are intense, we may experience surrealistic quality to the days ahead. Dreams may be prominent at this time. With the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, we may have heightened awareness of our global connection, and can use that, along with our waking dreams, keeping the drama to a minimum and enhancing our personal power, to help make the world (macrocosm or microcosm) a better place.

By Jill K.